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Please take all guild matters here now, instead. If you're already a member, just app with characters we know and BS the questions.


Overture is a lvl 25 medium adult RP guild (18+) that welcomes PVE and PVP players as well. We are dedicated to creativity and the freedom to make your own stories within the World of Warcraft universe and even story-tell your own events. HOWEVER, we also have a small Steam community and a dedicated Minecraft server for blowing off steam when WoW just won't do it. Breaks are great.

The kind of players we are mostly looking for are the kind of rpers who aspire to be storytellers, or are just driven enough to create, whether those creations be realistic and interesting characters or plots of your own. No matter what you like to do, however, we have a spot for you. New to RP? We'll teach you. Want to just PVE/PVP? We'll join in. Just give us a shout.

All that we require for membership is thus:

1. A good understanding of what RP is and how to do so in World of Warcraft. If none, willingness to learn and patience to wait to rise in rank.
2. Maturity.  18+ required. Although you can't prove it, we at least expect you to act it.
3. A good-natured, drama free attitude.
4. Willingness to cooperate with your fellow guildies. Yes, even in an RP duel. (Roll system provided)
5. Lore-abiding characters.
6. The desire to have fun!
If this laid-back style of guild is your thing, do not hesitate to send Miralath an in-game mail or message and visit this thread.


1. Yes, we are descended from Shadows of Wrynn. A simple guild rename and a new start.
2. Yes, we welcome any and every kind of reasonable lore-abiding character, theme or story.
3. Yes, we are like an RP hub for many styles of RP...except not. Not in the sense that we have one location to hang out. If I had to classify the guild as something, I would call it a D&D style, open story-based guild.
4. YES, we do have mercenary style stuff and vigilantism planned if you miss that from the old guild.
5. Villainy too!
6. No, you do not have to participate in any storyline. You can casual RP all you want or just be pve/pvp rank.
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